Grand Canyon University RN to MSN Degree


Grand Canyon University RN to MSN Degree

Grand Canyon University offers a RN to MSN program for nurses who have an unencumbered license in the state where they practice and at least 84 undergraduate credits , which include a Pathophysiology course. There are a number of undergraduate courses required prior to launching into the MSN advanced nursing classes; 27 credits of course work is required in order to begin the graduate program. On campus GCU offers several Master of Science in Nursing programs that require a practicum, which in turn requires students to have access to a local healthcare facility and faculty supervision. The online RN to MSN degree offers two areas of specialization.

RN to MSN Areas of Concentration

The online options for the RN to MSN track do not include formal completion of the BSN. The two options for specialization are Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Systems, and Nursing Education. In both instances the degrees can be completed without the extensive practicum hours in an operating medical facility. The capstone projects and practicum commitments for these degrees can be completed as extended courses in research and planning.

The Nursing Leadership choice includes a blend of advanced practice nursing courses and a number of classes that are drawn from GCU's Master of Science in Leadership degree. From the nursing school comes classes in Health Care Research & Utilization and an Evidence Based Practice Project that requires research and analysis. Both of these courses require some work with statistics and data presentation. Among the leadership course are Organizational Development and Change, a critical course for leaders working in the rapidly changing healthcare systems environment, and Organizational Culture & Team Leadership-a course that addresses the variety of components that make up any given organizational dynamic.

The MSN in Nursing Education is offered for nurses who wish to assume an educational role in a clinical or academic setting, which covers an extensive number of job descriptions for teaching in medical environments, in colleges, in community colleges and in continuing education programs. As with the Nursing Leadership program much of the focus is on health systems functionality and where nursing professionals fit within it. The classes included in this MSN curriculum include Ethics, Policy & Finance in the Health Care System, Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators, and Advanced

Pathophysiology & Pharmacology for Nurse Educators.

RN to MSN Program Structure

For the online programs at Grand Canyon University each semester is sixteen weeks and each class lasts eight weeks. Students take one class at a time, completing two per semester. Students receive a syllabus for each class when it begins so they can work ahead if they wish and in any case, know what is expected of them. Thirty six credit hours are required to complete the graduate portion of the degree, with each class worth four credits. The undergraduate portion of the RN to MSN degree requires twenty seven credits, but some of the classes for the two programs are truncated for completion of both components.