Georgetown University Online RN to MSN Degree


Nursing@Georgetown program is for RNs that have completed the bachelor's degree in nursing. This program, scheduled for launch in spring of 2011, does not yet incorporate a RN to BSN to MSN bridge option. Nevertheless, a MSN online program from a nursing school of this caliber is an exciting addition to online education in the healthcare sector. The Georgetown University School of Nursing has chosen to put two challenging degree programs online-two MSN options that are not offered via distance learning in most online nursing programs. The school has chosen to invest in the staff resources to make a clinical MSN degree work online, both for training and licensure purposes.

MSN Options

The two programs that Nursing@Georgetown has launched with are two of the most challenging graduate level nursing options available. The MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner can be completed in about 18 months of full time study or 24 months on a part time basis. The format is asynchronous, which means that you can access the classroom lectures and presentations at any time.

The MSN in Nurse Midwifery/Women's Health Practitioner combines two traditional areas of study for advanced practice nursing, creating an educational path that allows the graduate to work with women patient as a primary practitioner, not just when they are pregnant. Nurse midwifery is one of the four original specializations for the MSN degree, and the women's health specialization for the nurse practitioner has grown into one of the principal areas of practice in recent years. The time for completion of coursework is the same as the FNP degree: 18 months on a full time basis and two years as a part time student.

Program Structure

One of the reasons that so few clinical MSN programs are available online is the fact that they require extensive practicum hours. Nurses studying to be a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Midwife put in hundreds of hours working in an internship or understudy role with experienced professionals, in a clinical setting. The Georgetown School of Nursing has determined that their own faculty and qualified staff will work out the clinical study arrangements for each of their online students. The location and personnel that each student will intern with are selected by the School of Nursing, which is committed to finding an appropriate practicum that is convenient to their place of residence.

Because it is so new, this online MSN program has not been approved for licensure in all states yet. Before you enroll, check with the licensing agency for nurses in your state to make sure that you will be meeting academic requirements.