Online RN to MSN + Masters in Nursing Degree Programs

RN stands for registered nurse, while MSN stands for Master of Science in Nursing. Many colleges are starting to offer RN to MSN programs, which allow nurses with Associate's degrees in Nursing (ASN) or Bachelor's degrees in Nursing (BSN) to work towards pursuing a Master's degree. During the program, nurses will work to complete their BSN and MSN simultaneously. This will essentially result in a Master's degree. In addition, nurses can opt to pursue dual degrees or choose an area of specialization.

What sorts of skills might a student expect to learn with this degree? Those enrolled in an RN to MSN degree program will gain the same knowledge and skills as those enrolled in a traditional Master of Science in Nursing degree program. Students must have strong reasoning and critical thinking skills to create a course of action that will improve or maintain a patient's condition. In order to do this, nurses must be aware of the basics in healthcare and medicine. They will also become capable of handing machines and other medical equipment safely and responsible. Students will also learn to become empathetic to the patient's needs and always put safety first. This will produce excellent leaders and communicators within the field.

What sorts of careers are common for a person who receives an RN to MSN degree? There are many career paths to choose within in the field of Nursing. Students may become nurse educators, clinical specialists, nurse practitioners, pediatric nurses, midwives, primary care nurses, nurse administrators or geriatric nurses. This diversity allows students to work in a variety of medical and healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, colleges, universities, school systems and rehabilitation centers.

What types of classes are offered when you get your masters of science in nursing? Students may take courses in a variety of subjects. They must take basic medical and science courses such as biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology. They will also take courses in nursing theory as well. Mathematics is also a key component. Students should also take classes in ethics and law as well as research.

What are the degree requirements for receiving a Master's of Science in Nursing? Those who wish to enroll in a RN to MSN degree program need at least an Associate's degree. For specific information, you should check the college or university's website. However, most require you take courses in statistics and research as well as some basic science before entering the program. It will usually take a few years to complete the degree program.